With increasing demand for technology support the IT department has transitioned to a new work order system. This modern work order system will help us better support Staff, Students and Parents.

To access the work order system you will simply go to help.hesd.org. It can also be found on your HSD Links bookmark folder

To begin you will choose Login. There you will find three Single Sign On (SSO) options: Google, Facebook and Twitter. Staff and Students will use the Google login while Parents can use the option best suited for them.

Note:If you manually create an account you can still use the Google SSO button in the future 

Once signed in you will now have access to submit tickets, check ticket status and view our Staff focused knowledge base

  • After selecting a new support ticket you can add another participant via email to the ticket. 

  • Choose your user type, Parent, Staff or Student. 

  • Choosing your school site will help get you assigned to the correct support member. 

  • Once submitted you will immediately receive an email letting you know that your ticket has been received and assigned. 

  • To follow the ticket you can always return to help.hesd.org or you can simply check your email. 

  • Any changes to the ticket will be emailed to you and any response you make will be attached to the ticket.

IT is looking forward to further enhancing the standard of support we provide.