How do I add a student to my class? 


You can add students to your class at any time. However, some districts create the student rosters directly from their Student Information System, so they would prefer that teachers not enter students manually. Be sure to check with your leadership before completing the following steps: 

1. Click Teacher Resources in the bottom left corner of your screen. 

2. Select Class Management 

3. Click Manage Class icon. 

4. With your class list on screen, click Add Student. 

5. Enter student information and click Check. 

6. If the student already has a Footsteps2Brilliance account, they will be listed on the the 'Add student to' box as shown below. 

Click Add to move that student to your classroom.

6a. If the student does not have an account in Footsteps2Brilliance, click Create New Student. 

6b. You will need to enter First NameLast NameStudent ID, and Birthdate to create a new student account. After entering the student’s information, click Create. 2/3 

9/5/2019 How do I add a student to my class? :