Aeries Parent Portal App: Adding my HSD to Student to Hollister High

Important to note we do not use “VPC” or “Verification codes”

Unfortunately you cannot add your Hollister School District (HSD) student to Hollister High’s Aeries portal. HSD and Hollister High are two separate districts run on two separate databases. To access Hollister School District students you will need to add a District within the Aeries app and switch between districts. Once you add the second district you can switch between Districts (Schools)

Step #1
Select the 3 horizontal dots on the bottom left then select settings

Step #2
Select Add District

Step #3
Select Your HSD School

Step #4
Select Add

Step #5
Se;ect Login

Step #6

Sign in with you HSD Aeries Account

Use the forgot password link if necessary

Step #7 - Final!
You can now switch between Districts